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About Us

You're passionate about your business always evolving. So are we.

Our skills

Web Design ( 88% )

PHP ( 85% )

Wordpress ( 90% )

Javascript - JQuery ( 95% )

Who we are

KeyConcept01 Design is a small studio started in 2010 in Yokohama, Japan. Since then, just like your business, we are continuously evolving.

We strive to look at things from all angles by offering solutions outside the box, that's why we offer a full range of creative solutions to help you keep ahead of the pack and lovin' what you do best!

Firstly, by understanding what you do, who your target market is and the main aim for your projects and website. With that knowledge in mind we offer you suggestions and opportunities, keeping in mind your budget and together finding a solution that best suits your business.

Only then we do dive into, design create and build. We don't just leave you there, we offer you ideas on how to measure the effectiveness and continue that success.

Main contributors


Developer & Security specialist.

Learned C at the age of 6yo.

Built his 1st program at 7yo.

Loves pasta & rock music.


Artist / Designer

Loves handcrafting

Play japanese flute and taiko


Photographer / Designer

Took her first picture at 6yo. Designer Prodigy.

Loves pictures

Sings in musical theatre.

Our Services

We are small but well organized. All projects are governed by a management process which allows us to articulate and carry through a plan that ensures the successful launch and maintenance of your new site.

Discover the idea

We begin with a conversation about your needs and goals. We help you determine and refine the goals of your website and the target audience. We also give you an overview of the content management systems and available modules. We prepare a project agreement which includes a cost estimate. Once the agreement signed, your project can begin.

Create project

Our design staff creates a design based on your needs and style preferences, 'look and feel,' colors, fonts, and iconography.
Key project stakeholders attend a working session to develop your site architecture. We create a skeleton so you can check your website before the design is applied.
Once you sign off on the design, we implement it on the server side.
Start the development of diverse modules if you have requested.

Client Delivering

During this step we test in various browsers and move the site from a development area to a live production server. At this point you can feel much more about your site. We will fix bugs if you find any, then we deliver the code to you.

Online Support

Once the site is live, you maintain the content, we support if you find any issue related to our code. If you request us to maintain your site/server we will be more than pleased to help you with your task.


We take care of everything.


Shall we have a walk ?

Contact Details

Feel free to contact us to get a quote.

Let's keep in touch!

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